Comps for project reporting

For project management teams, our tool empowers efficient project reporting by enabling rapid consolidation and analysis of Excel-based project calculations in a unified system. Leveraging our extensive accounting and project management expertise, it facilitates the comparison with previous versions and integrates additional data from various sources. This advanced automation and standardization enhance project workflow efficiency, providing timely and accurate insights for superior project performance and financial management​.

Reports dashboard


Incorporate data warehousing to optimize project reporting, minimize manual work, create a unified data source, and harness real-time insights for strategic decision-making and enhanced project outcomes.​


Real estate companies are tasked with managing diverse properties and projects, requiring the integration of data from various sources into centralized systems for streamlined operations. Responsible for managing a wide range of properties, including residential, commercial, and industrial spaces, while also overseeing development projects and investment opportunities, real estate companies face challenge of dispersed data sources and the necessity of manual data entry in their ERP system.


Streamlined Data Integrations
Customizable Workflow
Enhanced Data Security
Compatible with your ERP / Data Source

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Faster processing​



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Our dedicated team will lead you through the comprehensive analysis of your business processes and goals. Furthermore, we will tailor Comps to your specific needs, ensuring secure data migration and seamless integration into your system landscape.​